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At Almond Legals, we are consummately passionate about immigration, asylum and human rights law.

Almond Legals commenced operations in May 2011 having been duly certified by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner to provide immigration advice and services at Level 3. These include advocacy and representations at Tribunals, casework in general relating but not limited to asylum assistance, entry clearance applications, leave to remain, indefinite leave to remain, European Union (EU/EEA) applications, nationality and Cctizenship applications, detention and deportation matters, in addition to temporary admission applications and bail.

The vision to found Almond Legals sprang from the deep sense of altruistically enamoured personality of Mr Ukachukwu Cosmas Ikegwuruka. To him, migration and human rights are inextricably intertwined, having a robust effect on any country’s international treaty obligations, thereby impacting on international human rights law. In his view, a decision affecting an immigrant’s leave to remain may have consequences cutting across all other areas of his life and by extension, other areas of law. Little wonder, Cosmas believes that an improper immigration advice or service could lead to catastrophic consequences for the client. Experience has shown that many clients, following initial immigration advice, have found themselves in a bind given the poor-quality advice and representations received from some immigration practitioners. And to many others, it ended in regrets and that is why at Almond Legals, we take our job seriously even as it concerns quality and appropriate advice and representation from the initial period of work until completion.

Our clients cut across the whole spectrum of immigration matters ranging from those already settled in the UK, children, spouses, elderly relatives and others seeking to settle in the United Kingdom (UK) or for temporary purposes. There are other categories of those who seek advice on how to vary their immigration status even becoming British citizens as against those facing deportation and removal from the UK for certain reasons bordering on inadequate, inappropriate and/or poor advice.

Therefore, in order to cure the malaise of poor immigration advice and/or services, Almond Legals has been structured to provide a robust client focused system with personalised services while at the same time complying with the Commissioner’s Codes. In short, at Almond Legals, we are propelled towards persistent achievement and success for our clients, with competence as guiding principle.

It is in view of the above that you expect the following from us:

  • Respectfully warm and courteous reception
  • Consultation with qualified immigration advisers who have specialist training in the area in question
  • sound legal advice broken down to simple terms devoid of confusion
  • regular updates about the progress of client’s matters
  • periodic reviews of client’s matters in view of the ever rapidly changing immigration law
  • maintenance of confidentiality of all matters with our client bearing in mind the need to comply with data protection
  • home grown and articulate immigration and other ancillary legal services cushioned to meet the needs of our clients within the vagaries and vicissitudes of challenges
  • technologically driven in order to meet up to date information and services
  • lawyers with a knack for industry, driven by sound impeccable principles and training aimed at doing difficult jobs with ease, pomp and pageantry.
  • We are simply a new generation of sufficiently and excellently trained immigration advisers and advocates.

Contact us today and you will be glad you did.


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