All meetings with our clients for advice and assistance are by appointments only.  If you call at our office you should be seen within a few minutes by the adviser you have come to see unless they have been unavoidably detained  for instance at a hearing. In that case you will be informed on how long you should wait by the receptionist.

It may be that if you call at one of our offices without an appointment, any suitably qualified adviser may see you with a view to giving you advice.  If this is the case you will be informed and given a time when you can return and be seen by adviser of your choice. It could jolly well be that the information you require may be one that requires instant answer provided by our leaflets, then that would solve the problem and save you time. 

When we accept your case, we would immediately open a case file and you will be given a reference number which you should always quote when contacting us either by telephone or letter.
Our Client’s Charter sets out the standard of service you should receive and explains our complaints procedure. If, for whatever reason, we cannot help you with your case because we have too much other work then we will refer you to other competent legal firms that deal in that area of work. It would therefore be your decision whether or not to deal with them.